10 Things To Do A Month Before The Wedding

10 Things To Do A Month Before The Wedding
Wedding season is here and everybody is on their toes now. To-do list contains first thing as getting things done. Brides as well have their own to-do list. Among everything, there are some things that you need to do a month before your wedding. These things will help you enjoy more and have fun during the wedding.
The wedding is always a bigger picture. Smaller ones create the bigger picture. That may not be visible but are as important as anything else. For the bride to look bright and fresh, she needs to let go of her worries, be comfortable and happy. There are some things that will make you feel good and relaxed. Let’s got through the 10 things one by one.

10 Things To Do A Month Before The Wedding:

 1. Get a planner. Be it binder or notebook or even an app. This will help you keep all things about the wedding in one place. And a moment to cheer for in future looking back into memories while creating this planner.
10 Things To Do A Month Before The Wedding
2. A bride should look after before her wedding is removing unwanted hair. Be it wax or shave or anything. Do it before so you don’t get a back rash that doesn’t look good with your backless Anarkali. If you have never got a Brazilian wax done before then don’t attempt to do before some days of wedding. Do a month before to see if there is any rashes or reaction. Then you can go for it again.

Cleaning out your closet:

3. It is the best thing you will be doing now. This will help in making some space in your closet for new shopping. Also, you won’t have the same space in your new closet and not everything will wear by you. So you can donate or sell the ones are of no use to you. You will also get an idea, about what you will carry with you in a new home and what to leave back here.
4. Meet your doctors. If you have a sore throat or a mild cold, don’t ignore and get treated by a doctor. You don’t want to look sick on your wedding day for sure. If you have any concerns with your skin, meet dermatologist 6 months before and get treatment. Also, consulting a gynecologist is a must. This is to know that things are working fine. Or if you want to know your birth control options, you can meet and talk with your gynecologist.
5. Workout and eat well during this one month before your wedding. You don’t need to go for any special diets and loose or gain weight. Do some exercise or yoga to unwind your mind among the busy wedding preparations. A lot of things will be running in your mind and this will tire you. So exercise to feel fresh. Take lots of fruits and vegetables. This is will help the better-looking skin and also give vitamins and minerals.
10 Things To Do A Month Before The Wedding 

Beauty Related:


6. Planning for a haircut then do it a month before. This will help you get used to a new hairstyle. And also, help you in handling and styling them better at various wedding rituals. Don’t go for any dramatic haircut and regret it later. Also, ruining your mood in your wedding. Mine very does get ruined with small things.

Makeup Trial:

 7. A makeup trial is a must before a month of your wedding. Get a haircut before makeup trial. This will help you know how will you look on your wedding day with the makeup, hairstyle, and outfit. I know, how brides book any random makeup artist and look bad on their wedding day. So makeup trial is a must.

Bleaching Teeth:

8. If you are conscious about the color of your teeth and you want them to be whiter then get them bleached by a dentist. Do it before a month, as teeth might become sensitive. Also, you will have to not have any color food as bleached tooth tends to absorb colors. So doing it month before will get you a big bright happy smile for your wedding. It usually lasts for 3-4 months.

No To New Products:

9. The wedding is a special event of a girl’s life. Don’t try any new products on your hair and skin that might damage them. Because it may take more time to treat them. No one wants to end up with a pimple or any reaction on their skin on their wedding day. So say no to any suggestions and advice that may be pouring in.

Smart Shop:

10. Trousseau is important in Indian weddings. We almost shop like we are never going to shop again and end up buying everything. Shop especially with lingerie and shoes. Get lingerie that you will wear under your wedding dress. See it fits and is comfortable as well. Same with the shoes. Buy and wear them and see if you are comfortable in them. While doing fittings of your wedding dress, carry lingerie and shoes along. See if shoes are of right size and you are not tripping over your dress.
10 Things To Do A Month Before The Wedding