Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ideas

15 Affordable Ways To Say I love You

Hello guys!! Valentine is around and it is also one of the excuse to express how you feel for each other. We get caught up in our daily lives so much that we forget to say how much we love our special ones. At times it also sounds difficult to express oneself. But it’s valentine day and it is important to let them know how much they mean to us. Is it possible in affordable way to say I love you?

To show and express doesn’t mean you got to spend a lot. It is possible to express in creative and inexpensive way and making sure you communicate what you want straight to them. I also feel it is a special moment between two people. And that is why I have brought you 15 inexpensive ways to say I Love You this valentine. I am sure you will be able to have best time of your life and express your love without worrying about money .

“And suddenly all the love songs were about you…”

15 Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ideas

Breakfast In Bed

Do something simple and thoughtful like bringing him his morning coffee and breakfast in bed! No need to always have breakfast on dinning table.

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Reminisce By Looking At Old Pics

Spend the day just lounging around with your sweetie! Listen to your favorite music, talk about anything in the world, reminisce by looking at old pics and simply celebrate each other’s company.

Bike Date

Take her to a romantic bike date! Do your research and find a good scenic bike route that both of you can handle. Give your love a bouquet of roses! It’s still a classic move and it definitely still works!

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Go On A Hike

Go camping or spend a few hours exploring a new hiking trail!! Commune with nature and your partner and feel even more closer to each other.

Give Each Other Massages

Spend your Valentine’s Day at the spa with your loved one and treat yourselves to a much needed day of relaxation and pampering! With some dried roses, fragrant oil, and spa stones, you can easily create an at-home spa and set a relaxing mood on your Valentine’s Day date. Give each other massages that would be more personal and romantic.

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Have An At Home Karaoke Night / Contest

Make your sweetheart fall for you all over again with a romantic surprise on Valentine’s Day. Bring back some memories and have a fun karaoke night singing some yours favourite songs.

Long Rides / Walks

Drive out to your favorite spot and just watch the stars! Make a game of it and name as many constellations as you can! Also, take him to the special places you’ve visited together. You can go for a long walk, holding each other’s hand and enjoying the nature with each other.

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Make It A Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and cozy up with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re going out to see a new film or staying in for movie night, he’s sure to enjoy your company. Pretend like it’s your first date and be like a giddy young couple. Watch movies together and here is a list of movies that you can watch on valentine’s night.

Write Love Letters – And Read Them Out Loud

Use one of your favorite photos of the both of you to express your feelings! Print the photo on a photo card with a simple horizontal layout is a great option for it! Write down your feelings for each other and either can read out loud or pass it to each other. Or read him a page from your journal lets him know how you feel!

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Candle Light Dinner At Home

Make him a special dinner! Cook his favorite dishes and add a few sweet touches to your table setting like red napkins, heart-shaped decors and flowers! Or set up a nice picnic at your roofdeck! Enjoy a nice meal under the stars and enjoy gazing out at the city lights.

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Staging Your Own Photo shoot

You can set up a own photo shoot and get clicked in all ways like being funny to a romantic couple. You can also use those pics to surprise your man with a love board featuring a selection of your couple photos, some rose petals and sweet love notes!

Take A Bubble Bath For Two

Go for a bubble bath in the tub. Cozy up in the bath and just talk for hours! Time spent with your loved one is always precious.

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Bake Something Delicious

Bake your partner a batch of not-so-subtle heart-shaped cookies! Top with sugar and heart sprinkles to make them extra sweet!

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways

Go Ice Skating

Go for ice skating together. Be like kids again and play in the ice or snow! Make snow angels or kiss under the falling snowflakes. Having fun and being silly will only fuel your love!

Romantic Dance

You can play some music and dance the night out in each other’s arm. Also, you can put on your best makeup, slip into a little somethin’ somethin’ and give him a night he won’t forget!

Affordable Ways To Say I love You -15 Romantic Ways(4)

These are small and inexpensive ways that you can use to express yourself to him or her this valentine. My personal favorite would be a romantic dance of course. I am a dancer and who would not love to be as close to each other as possible.

Let me know which one of the 15 creative ways you loved to say I love you to your loved ones.