Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Hello guys, I am leaving for a trip tomorrow. It is a good time to share some of my travel hacks with you guys as you must also be planning on your summer vacations. These hacks will make your next travel smooth and fun filled one.

Traveling and packing both are an art in them self. You can make the most out of your travel with some hacks. Also, these tips will help you carry everything with you without feeling that you missed something.

If you are anything like me then you love to carry all your makeup and skincare products without missing on anything. Beauty and makeup products must be packed in a way that they can make through the trip without any damage or spillage. This is a task for sure as well. Handling your luggage by others might not be in the same way as you do. It might go through a roller coaster ride and to guarantee the safety of products these hacks will come as a savior. These hacks comes handy the every single time you are planning to travel.

Let’s dive into these hacks and get ready for the trip.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Pack multipurpose makeup products

One thing that can take fun out of your trip is those big luggage that are hard to carry. Your complete energy can get tossed within just taking care of your luggage. That is why always pack for products that can work as a multi-purpose thing. There are so many products in the market that can work both as a lip stain and give your cheeks that nice blush. So always opt to carry multi- purpose products. This will save you some space to pack items that you shopped from the trip.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Tape up the seal of your travel containers

Carrying travel size containers for all of our beauty essentials is a must. You can buy those small containers from any local beauty shop or online. When ever we carry liquids, chances of spillage is always there. So to avoid that sealing your containers is a must. With a plastic wrap on the top of every container, you can seal the products from spilling and prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Reuse empty toiletry bottles

If you have been to hotels, then you must have noticed some toiletries in the bathroom. After using those products, don’t throw away the bottles. Instead, carry them back to your home and reuse them in your next trip. Those bottles are always perfect for travel size and can be carried away easily. Also, this can help in reducing the amount of plastic trash that we always use and dump them. It can be your small step in saving this world and its nature.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Place a cotton pad in your powder compact

There are times when our compacts comes without any applicator. There are chances of the breakage of compacts and placing a cotton pad will ensure the product is safe and also prevents the powder from sticking on to the mirror on other side.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Don’t forget your dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a complete savior when it comes to styling your hair and looking best while traveling. At times it can be hard to wash our hair everyday to keep it looking fresh. So take that dry shampoo and spray some on the roots of your hair, massage well and you are sorted for the day.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Nix dull skin with a sheet mask

While traveling often our skin goes through a lot from dirt, dust grime to changes in temperature and humidity. It can be daunting to take care of skin on the go just like you do at home. That is where sheet masks comes to rescue and have been craved by everyone. These sheet masks are easy to work with, less messy and results are amazing. Glowing, beautiful hydrated skin. Don’t forget to order some right away.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

Carry your razor with other products:

If you are a razor person like, always carries razor with her. You know the difficulty of carrying it with safety. There are times you got yourself cut while pulling it out of the bag. I personally used to carry a separate pouch for the razor taking up little more space in my luggage.

Found this easy hack to carry it without any cuts. Take a paper clip and clip the blade part of the razor. This way you can carry with other products, no extra pouch is needed and no more cuts.

Genius Travel Hacks You Must Know

With these simple hacks you can travel in relaxed way and not worry any more about beauty products. These hacks will make travel easier and lovely as well. I hope you loved this post. If you want me to do more such hacks post then comment below and let me know.

Love xoxo