How to get into the Christmas Spirit

How To Get Into Christmas Spirit

Hello Guys!! How are you? How high are you in Christmas spirit? What? I couldn’t hear you. Really!! You are not in Christmas spirit? You got to be kidding me.

Yes, there are many of us who is finding it difficult to get into Christmas spirit. I know there are many things that is killing your excitement. That is why, I came up with this post. I am not a christian nor am I a person who celebrates Christmas every year. Still, you got to know that I am all high with excitement for Christmas and holidays.

Being in school, I was only happy that we get some 10- 12 days holiday for Christmas and new year. Never got excited for christmas or new year but was happy for long holidays and my birthday (Not going to reveal it here).


How To Get Into Christmas Spirit


This is the first time I am all excited for Christmas, that feel of putting up Christmas tree. Getting to decorate it with lights and other beautiful ornaments. Baking for Christmas, buying, packing and exchange of gifts. See now that I am writing this with so much excitement, I got a news that a baby girl is born at my friend’s home. So happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 Everything is feels so good. I will tell you how you can get into the Christmas spirit, just like me.


How To Get Into Christmas Spirit:

Watching Vlogmas: Christmas Spirit

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube then this will work for you. I am not kidding guys. I literally feel all excited for Christmas only by watching youtubers doing daily vlogmas on their channel. Hearing and watching them daily makes me feel good and excited. Their excitement has got into me. Watching them do things like going to buy a Christmas tree, doing Christmas decor shopping,decorating their homes makes me excited for Christmas and do the same. So go find some youtubers and watch them. You still have some days and you can do it.

Stressed and Overwhelmed – Simplify:

If you are stressed  and overwhelmed because you are too busy and got so many things to do, simplify it. You got to do so many things but very little time. So it’s OK to say no to somethings. You need not do everything to get into Christmas spirit. You can choose activities and traditions that you can participate and do not over schedule at all. This way you get into celebrating and need not remain stressed or overwhelmed.


How To Get Into Christmas Spirit

Financial Struggles:

This is a big one that I can correlate with. Christmas can be expensive with baking, decorations, activities and gifts. When  money is tight, small expectations can also be burden. When this happens, you get stressed and feel bad because you can’t do all of the things you want. This in turn keeps you away from Christmas spirit. So what can you do? Make gift giving simple.

Nowadays, everything is DIY. Instead of buying gifts that can in turn be expensive, start making one for each other. This will keep cost down and also help you give that personal touch to gifts. Also keep focus on giving rather than getting. In addition to this, there are many ways to get into Christmas spirit and keep your cost down and still enjoy.

All Alone:

Every occasion is celebrated with family and friends. So is Christmas. Living away from family not only can upset you but also drowns you out of Christmas spirit. So what can be done in this case. You can get out celebrate with friends, if you don’t have make new ones. Keep Christmas as an excuse to make friends. Serve others, get to know your neighbors and coworkers. Take efforts to decorate and do little things to get into Christmas spirit. Do one thing and you will feel like doing other. Voila! you are celebrating Christmas.


How To Get Into Christmas Spirit


I guess now you got some ideas and some good feeling to try doing things that will make you feel the Christmas spirit. Assess what is standing in your way and change it. Happiness is a choice and so is the Christmas spirit. My friend always says,

“You are the Writer of your Fate and Captain of your Soul.”

Always ask this question to yourself, “what is the point in staying low?”

Keep Your Christmas Spirits High!!!

What are your favorite things to do to get in the Christmas spirit?