How To Improve Body Confidence This Year

How To Improve Body Confidence This Year

Today’s topic is different from usually what I have been sharing with you. But it is also very important topic to talk about. Let’s talk about body confidence.There have been instances when you loved your body the most and didn’t love at all. What happened during those instances that made you like and not like your body. May be you changed your clothes to satisfy self or got compliments. Isn’t it wrong to love and be confident about your body at different situations. So here we will know how we can build and improve body confidence this year.

You might ask me why I chose this topic it’s because of something that I saw. My friend who is healthy and flexible wants to reduce weight and was happy to get fit in the clothes that weren’t of her size. Suddenly this question strikes me, why is she that happy to be able to wear a smaller size dress? Why does she wants to know how she looks through my eyes? When you are so flexible and are able to do anything, why do you want to reduce weight?

I conducted a poll in my Instagram stories. I asked how many people where confident about their body and 86% people where confident about their body. In my next poll I asked how many people face body shaming, 71% votes for having experienced body shaming. In this I noticed people who are confident about their body have also faced body shaming and that must have shaken their confidence about themselves at times.

A lot of people do not feel good about themselves. So they try to make themselves feel better by working on their body. They feel that their body needs to look a certain way in order to love it, and once they love their body, they’ll feel good. The truth is a healthy body image comes from committing to loving your body unconditionally under any circumstance.

Everybody thinks they need thinner legs, a flatter stomach, longer hair, whiter teeth, softer skin, a prettier face, more friends but this is not all that is needed. All you need is a change in perspective and a higher self esteem. So let’s see how we can improve body confidence this year.

How To Improve Body Confidence This Year

Stop comparing others digital / virtual life to your life. Comparing will never give out good. Don’t focus on how others look like. Focus on what you like about your appearance.

Start looking at your body in the mirror more and say all the things you love about your body! The more comfortable we feel looking at ourselves NAKED in the mirror, the more confident we will feel.

Inculcate the art of being good and kind to another. Start making connections in good old way. Stop judging. You may never know what magic a person’s inner story might create.

Start focusing on accomplishments that have to do with who you are as a person and not what you look like.

We always get more of what we focus on, so if you’re always saying “I’m too fat”, you will always feel fat. Our words are very powerful, so become aware of what you say about yourself. So next time you catch yourself saying something negative about your body decide you no longer need this thought.

As they say appearances are deceptive. Not everything you look in print and television is same. Understand that they are altered to perfection.

You don’t need validation from others to feel good about yourself. But if you are able to build someone’s confidence with your kind sweet words then do it. Don’t break their confidence by speaking negative if you can’t help in building it.

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws so embrace them. Love the things that make you unique.

It’s better to start surrounding yourself with images of realistic bodies. This will help you see that you are normal and the more you appreciate other women’s bodies, the more you will appreciate yours!

Do what makes you happy. Know your body and fall in love with it. Flaunt it and dress it up the way you want. don’t listen too much to what others say about ideal body.

Lastly, love yourself the way you are now and not what or who you could be.

I hope to have clarified some doubts that you had and make you realize that you are unique and beautiful. Waiting to see you all building your body confidence that can never be shaken by anyone. Let me know about your thoughts and ways that you use to build your body confidence in comments below. Do share with people who need this the most and let me know if you loved this post through your comments.

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With Love xoxo.

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