Drinking Water – Cultivating A Healthy Habit

Drinking water is a problem with lot of us guys. Isn’t it? Remembering days back when my mom and friends used to ask me to drink water. I would barely have 1 liter of water all together from the point I wake-up to I go to bed. Never used to feel thirsty that much. I learnt everywhere that drinking a lot of of water is a must. But how do I make a habit of doing it. Also, summers are times when you get dehydrated easily. After long time, it was last december and accidentally I started drinking 2 liters of water almost everyday.

Now you would ask me how come a person who never used to complete a liter of water is drinking 2 liters everyday. So let me tell you how this miracle happened. At our home we have that matka (mud pot) which has some drawings on it. It is different from usual. It is specially made to keep water cool in summers or any season. During december, it is already winter and freezing and I could not drink water that was freezing cold. So I started filling a liter bottle and carry it every where with me. It used to be with me in kitchen while I cook, on my desk while I work on blog. In hall while I am lounging casually on couch. The bottle of water was in front of me eyes, at a reaching distance and it was not cool like ice water. All these factors made me drink more and more water.

You might call me crazy and say how come these little things make me have more water. I swear it was these little things that helped me have more water. On days, when I don’t carry bottle with me, I drink less water and feel lazy to go and have water actually straight from the pot. So if you are anything like me. I bet you to try these small changes and you will be more than happy.

Drinking Water - Cultivating A Healthy Habit

How To Keep Drinking Water Without Struggling

Start your day with a glass of water. As soon as I wakeup, I go and have a glass of water and also I have another one or two glasses of water before breakfast.

In between that breakfast and lunch time, I sure get that hunger craving for snacks. Sometimes it is just that I am thirsty so having another glass of water.

Eat more spicy food as that will make you drink lot of water. Though don’t overdo it with spicy as it can harm as well. Everything must be well balanced.

Drink glass of water after half an hour of each meal.

Drinking Water - Cultivating A Healthy Habit

Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day.

Keep water on your desk at work.Keeping a fancy will always grab your attention and help you have more water.

When you feel like snacking, try drinking water first.

Substitute water instead of a coffee or soft- drinks. Drink water.

Track your water. Record the number of glasses you drink on a day.

You can also go for detox water to add some flavours in case you don’t enjoy plain water.

Drinking Water - Cultivating A Healthy Habit

Benefits Of Drinking Water:

Being dehydrated can sap your energy and make you feel tired. So make sure to keep yourself hydrated and in a good shape.

This stimulates digestive system and eliminates toxins. Rehydrates and kick starts your metabolism.

Drinking water can clear up your skin and help you look more fresh and glowing. Commit to drinking a healthy amount of water over a week and see the effects on the skin.

Our digestive systems need a good amount of water to digest food properly. Often water can help cure stomach acid problems and water along with fibre can cure constipation again. Often a result of dehydration.

We all know it is essential to drink water when exercising, but did you know being dehydrated can hamper your workouts?

So drink more water by cultivating some habits which can be build over the time.

Healthy living!! 😊

Drinking Water - Cultivating A Healthy Habit

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