Kara Wet Wipes – A Complete Travel Essential

Kara Wet Wipes - A Complete Travel Essential

Kara Wet Wipes is one of my favorite travel essentials that I like to carry with me. These come handy when I need to wipe and my face and look fresh after a long day in the kitchen or at work. They also work well to remove dirt, dust, and pollution that would have settled on my facial skin when I am out. Kara wet wipes don’t stop with that. It also comes with makeup remover. When you have a very long and tiring day, you can take out Kara wipes to clean up your makeup very easy and fast. This will help you to have more time to rest.

 Kara Wet Wipes:

The gift of pure nature, Kara wipe consists of Viscose fiber that is 100%  natural. Each wipe comes to you in its untouched innocence. Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing wipes ensure effective cleansing. Removes dirt, excess oil, and grime from the face and neck areas. Also, leaves a lingering fragrance. There are many variants in Kara wet wipes. The ones I use enriching in Aloe vera and Cucumber to help in skin nourishment and freshening it up.

  •  Wipes made with 100% natural and biodegradable viscose fiber.
  • Effective in cleansing

  • Removes dirt, excess oil and grime.

  • Enriched with aloe vera and cucumber.

  • Freshs up skin and gives nourishment.

  • Suitable for oily skin.

  • Dermatologically tested.

Key Ingredients: Aloe vera and Cucumber


Kara Wet Wipes - A Complete Travel Essential

Packaging And Pricing:

Kara wet wipes come in this pull in pack kind of packaging. Each pack has 30 wipes in it. The pack has a seal that very well closes and making it airtight. When you open the lid, there is a front label that covers the open space through which wipes comes out. This kind of packaging ensures that wipes are intact and doesn’t dry up soon. Because the lid is airtight, wipes can’t come in contact with air. It costs 110/- Rs for 30 wipes.

Kara Wet Wipes Variants:

There are so many varieties of wet wipes that Kara has produced. Each variant serves a different purpose and has different key ingredients.  I have added below all the types of wet wipes with their links so you can buy.

  1. Refreshing Facial Wipes – Viscose Fibre – Aloe Vera & Mint – 30Pcs

  2. Kara Face Wipes, Aloe Cucumber (30 Pulls)

  3.  Face Wipes, Seaweed, and Lavender (30 Pulls)

  4. Kara Face Wipes, Aloe Mint (30 Pulls)

  5.  Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wipes – Viscose Fibre – Jojoba & Avocado – 25Pcs

  6. Refreshing Facial Wipes – Viscose Fibre – Aloe Vera & Cucumber – 10Pcs x 6

  7. Kara Sunscreen Face Wipes – Viscose Fibre – Aloe Vera & Plum & Vitamin E (Acetate) – 25Pcs

  8.  Moisturizing Face Wipes – Viscose Fibre – Honey & Almonds – 25Pcs

Directions To Use:

  1. Lift up the lid.
  2. Slowly peel front label.
  3. Pull out a wipe.
  4. Reseal Front Lable.
  5. Close the lid.
  6. Discard wipe after single use.

Kara Wet Wipes - A Complete Travel Essential

    Kara Wet Wipes- Travel essential:

    • Kara wet wipes become a complete travel essential. It is my favorite staple in skin care and hygiene.
    • During travel, you would not have the facility to keep your hands clean every time. At these times, wet wipes can be used to keep your hands clean.
    • If something gets spilled and you don’t find water to clean it, try wet wipes.
    • If your fingers get sticky, use wipes to clean them up.
    • Refresh yourself after a long flight.
    • Use it to hydrate your skin during long travel where skin gets easily dehydrated.

    My Views on Kara wet Wipes:

    I love Kara wet wipes. Being a makeup lover and blogger it comes handy when I have to remove makeup while trying for new looks. It cleans away makeup completely and uses it on the go when you are attending different events. If your skin is feeling dull after a long working day but you still have a very important meeting to attend. Use Kara wipes that work well in refreshing and cleansing the skin making it ready for the meeting. It is very good for brides and grooms. As they have lots of functions to attend, the skin might become dull and attract dirt. They can use these wipes to get ready with the clean skin for next event.


    You can use these wipes to clean your dirty hands and maintain hygiene. It is also alcohol-free. When trying to clean makeup using wipes, make sure you still wash your face after wiping off makeup. This makes sure in removing any residue of makeup that would is remaining on the skin. I am in love with these wipes and will recommend you to buy as well.

    Kara Wet Wipes - A Complete Travel Essential