Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Review

Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Review

Hello guys!! I hope this valentine, you are filled with everything that makes you happy. Found my happiness when I complete my blog posts ahead by weeks. I feel productive and happy at the same time. Find your happiness!! Won’t you be happy if you are able to remove your waterproof makeup without much hassle. It has been long time since I did product reviews and I was using this makeup remover lately. So I think it’s time now to tell you guys what I think about it as well. Everyone loves to wear makeup and at the same time loves to take care of skin as well.Here I have Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean review. Let’s see how much effective is this and how it can help in making our task easier forever.

Maybelline New Clean Express Total Clean Review

Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean is express eye and lip makeup remover. With it’s fast acting dissolving agents removes stubborn and waterproof makeup. It is also dermatologist and allergy tested. Suitable for all skin types. This makeup remover is a bi-phase formula that is specially curated to break down any stubborn and long lasting eye and lip makeup, even waterproof.


It claims to remove eye and lip makeup completely.

Also does not leave any greasy residue on skin.

Remarkably cleans makeup immediately by breaking down stubborn eye and lip makeup.

Key Ingredients: Decyl glucoside, hexylene glycol

Packaging and Pricing:

This makeup remover comes in a transparent bottle with a tight closed cap. When you open the cap, there is a rubber letout in the neck of bottle. It has got a small opening that let’s out only adequate amount of remover. It is a 70 ml bottle priced at ₹ 300.

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My Views:

Honestly, I had no expectations at the start for this product. I thought it would be same as other makeup removers. I was surprised by it completely the first time when I used it. Earlier, I used to use Revlon eye and lip makeup remover. It used to be very greasy on my face. After removing my makeup with Revlon, I had to wash my face for sure to remove the greasiness that was left behind. But it is not same with Maybelline Total Clean.It doesn’t leave any residue behind plus removes the makeup products completely. Because the lid shuts tight, it can be travelled with no worries.

  • I can wet the q tip with this and clean any messed eyeliner with precise.
  • Use a bit of cotton, to take the product for removing makeup.
  • 1 to 4 swipes and everything is clean.
  • Doesn’t leave lips dry after using this to remove lipstick.
  • Travel Friendly

How To Use:

Take a small portion of Maybelline Total Clean makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently swipe the lipstick or eye makeup. Also, you can take a new cotton pad with little makeup remover to swipe any remaining particles. Youcam even wash your face after this to let your skin breathe a little. If you didn’t use much makeup other than eyeliner and lipstick, then you can stop it here. No need to wash the face.