Quick Bite With Cousins In Rajahmundry

Hey guys, I am travelling to kakinada for Varshitap parna functions( a celebration for 13 months of fasting). While travelling, I got down at Rajahmundry to catch another train or bus to my final destination. But sometimes life has it’s own twists.

I didn’t catch next transportation immediately and instead went to my cousin’s nanihal home ( Cousin’s Mom’s parents home). We got freshen up after a day’s travel and had lunch.

Quick Bite With Cousins

Had no plans for the day and was just killing away my time till the evening. My aunt insisted my cousin on getting me this famous and oh so loved food/snack item for me. She very well remembered that I love this snack.

Around 9, cousin was heading out to buy us all the famous Andhra Mixture and I tagged along so as to capture some videos for you guys as you love the content I put out for you and to witness the making of Andhra Mixture with my own eyes.

Quick Bite With Cousins

Andhra Mixture is famous all over Andhra pradesh and Telangana states. It is sold on a local trolley store by local persons. The best one to have is from this Jayaram Mixture and this person also comes first in google search in Rajahmundry. You can understand the amount of people in Rajahmundry loving this man’s taste.

Jayram mixture sells a lot of different items like capsicum baji (capsicum fritters), andhra mixture, tomato slice mixture and many more. We ordered andhra mixture, tomato slice mixture and capsicum fritters. Everything was tasting so good and spicy can be made as per our taste. It was like the perfect end to my stay in Rajahmundry.

Everyone of us enjoyed it to the fullest. With all so fights for a little extra bite over the other. So if you are ever coming to Rajahmundry or got some time to spend in Rajahmundry, you need to have this mixture for sure.

Quick Bite With Cousins

Let me know if you loved these kind of posts and want me to do more such posts.

Love xoxo 😊