Foundation Oxidizes And Looks Grey-What To Do

Foundation Oxidizes And Looks Grey-What To Do

Have you ever noticed foundation to have change color after sometime of applying it on your face? Looking more grey or darker in shade? This is because the foundation oxidizes. Oxidizing means foundation reacts with natural oils on your skin and other factors and changes it’s color. It same as apple when exposed to oxygen turns black.

So now you would ask then what can be done to prevent the foundation from oxidizing. How to wear foundation without making it look grey. So here I will share you some tips that will help your makeup to stay longer and better without oxidizing.

What To Do When Foundation Oxidizes And Looks Grey

Foundation oxidizes when it comes in contact with natural oils on skin. To prevent that you need to create a barrier in between foundation and skin. This can be done by using primers underneath foundations. These will act as a barrier between skin and foundation to prevent foundation from any reaction and avoid looking grey.

Blotting papers are used to absorb any oils secreted on face as the day passes. Use these papers to absorb oil further after using primer and again after applying foundation. This step makes sure there is no more oil left on skin and lets foundation stay in the same color.

Use setting powders as they mattify the skin by removing any further oils that might trigger oxidation of foundation. This can be re applied during the course of the day to prevent oxidation at any point of time. Use translucent powder that works well.

You can also use tinted moisturizers as they are not much pigmented and can still give you coverage. They also hydrate your skin preventing secretion of natural oils. Plus point is they have less chance of oxidizing. It is a total win win for daily use.

I hope these simple steps will help your foundation stay in contact and make you look best without worries. Also, look for things that works according to your skin type and color.

Stay beautiful, Girls

BelleIndiana xoxo