Bubble farm, a Homegrown Brand- My Experience

Bubble farm, a Homegrown Brand- My Experience

Bubble Farm – My Experience

It’s not long ago that I started following Bubble farm Instagram account. I got to know through Pradini Surva who swears by their products. Some where I wanted to try their products but because I already had so many products I didn’t want to stack upon products.

Bubble farm:

Major goal of Bubble farm is to ensure the protection of your skin and body by providing the best of ingredients from our own nature.
Our journey towards the goal started in 2016, Chennai. All our products is made with utmost care by following traditional ways. We say no to animal testing and preservatives

My Experience with Bubble farm :

Honestly I was not afraid to try new brand on my skin as I was trusting Pradini who made me try it by watching her love for the brand. What I love about their brand is their service. Products are delivered faster and always available in Instagram to help you out with your queries.

They come in a very well a packaged manner protecting the jars from damage. Bubble farm went with these extremely cute bottles that you can’t help but fall in love with them as well. Each product comes with label mentioning ingredients used in the products, manufactured date and best part is shelf life of the product is very well written. So you don’t use any expired products on your skin.

Each of their products smells good, though it doesn’t last for a long time which is totally okay with me( may be I don’t smell them again).

Bubble farm, a Homegrown Brand- My Experience
Bubble farm, a Homegrown Brand- My Experience

Products I ordered:

At first I ordered a lip serum as I ran out of my lip balms and this was best option for vegan lip balm till now( because I haven’t tried my hands on making vegan lip balms at home yet :P). I immediately didn’t fell in love with the product. My lips were still dry and chappy as it was winters. But kept using them frequently. I could see my lips getting soft and less chappy.

I was using lip serum and green tea mist whole of December and January. Soon they became my favourites. Among attending weddings and trip to Rajasthan in winter my skin got worse. I started to breakout and even after staying at home for 15 days caring for skin didn’t change much. Skin was in same condition. That’s when I went ahead and ordered a couple other products from Bubble farm. This time I went ahead with Anti-acne oil, Aloe Vera moisturizer and also ordered lip serum (as I lost my older one in all the chaos).

After a month of following a strict skincare regimen and registering the changes every day, I could see the change in my skin all over. Acne were gone, skin looked bright and glow on my skin. I also shared about my journey on my Instagram. If you don’t follow me there, do now as I am most active on Instagram.

Also adding few more products to my skincare stack from Bubble Farm for sure. To know my first impressions and deep review of these products, subscribe to the blog and also follow me on Instagram for more updates. If you loved this post, do share with everyone who needs this and let me know in comments what else you want me to write about.

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