How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

God it’s a shit feeling, isn’t it? When suddenly everything feels too much, mind running faster, chest little tighter…… Feeling overwhelmed sucks and it does feel inevitable. At times I feel so overwhelmed almost like lost puppy. Still there are ways to ensure you don’t feel everything to be too much.

How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Today was one of those days when I felt overwhelmed and ended up indulging in binge watch. We somehow have romanticised the word “busy” in a way that if we don’t work all hours a day, you are not doing “enough”. Although I love my work and my mind always working on it, I also know that there needs to be a balance too.

So, I decided it was time to make a couple of change. Focusing on putting more effort into separating my work and personal life a little more. Concentrating on creating a balance between the two that I’m comfortable with. Accepting that it was gonna take time and a whole lot of work to get there. I have had my friends break down and that can also affect confidence of oneself.

So after trying it for days now and feeling in a good shape
When you feel overwhelmed, your mind can run in all directions. All you need to do is bring it back to the moment you are in. Focus on what is in front of you leaving out what is ahead or behind. Whether it is through couple of breaths or listening to a song that makes you feel calm & relaxed. The latter is always my way to relax myself. Always try to focus on now.

Okay so this one is very tricky and my favourite way as well. Procrastination often leads to a overwhelmed place. You can avoid such situations like that. It is about identifying small ways to ensure to get shit done, without stressing about it. I put a list of tasks more or less like to-do list for the day. And the feeling of scratching down each item on the list makes me feel so much better not about the day but also myself. You can find how you want to go about it, from small tasks to bigger ones or vice versa. It depends on what works for you.

I read this phrase that’s stuck with Poppy Deyes , “If it takes less than five minutes, do it now”. The next time I try to put of the work for later, would remember this and get done with it. What about you?

Sometimes there is no control over situations and there is nothing you can do about it. Some things are completely out of our hands. And learning to be okay with it, is a lesson that I’m still very much trying to work on. Situations like your car won’t start, the queue is long at the shop, your project doesn’t come out well, may annoy you. But there is nothing you can do about these. Don’t allow these situations to make you feel overwhelmed and doubt your worth. Don’t turn everything into self esteem or self- worth project. Put them aside and give more time to situations that wants more focus, time and energy of yours.

Okay, I’m gonna leave it there. I find it way more helpful to concentrate on a couple of pointers rather than a big ol’ list of them. I hope this was helpful in some kind of way! & do let me know if you have any other tips on the topic, I would love to hear them! ♥️

how to avoid feeling overwhelmed
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