Binge Worthy Shows To Watch On Netflix / Prime

binge worthy shows

I developed this habit of watching shows when I was in college and watched this amazing Korean drama for the first time and I was hooked! It all started then, and I have given up on watching TV (though there are cheat days). I am onto watching shows that are worthy to binge on.

Now we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and so many other places to watch shows.I am late to these and so always overwhelmed on what to watch. Its like got a lot of portion to cover and very little time.

Truth be told, I spend a lot of time at my home office, at my desk editing photos, putting together collages like the one above, writing blog posts, answering emails, etc., so I often have something on TV in the background. Or almost end up watching show discarding work totally (guilty pleasure :P).Anything too intense doesn’t work for my daytime marathons since I only give about 40% of my attention, but I save the more dramatic ones (like Sacred games, House of Cards, etc.) for evenings when I can really concentrate on them.

Nonetheless, let’s get into list of binge worthy shows I have been loving lately!


1 | Queer eye | I LOVE these boys. It’s impossible to watch one of these episodes and not fall in love with them.What’s great about this series is that you don’t have to follow anything in a particular order. You can just grab a quick episode when you feel like it. When I started, they already had three seasons, and while I was watching them, they released another season. It was like more and more Cadbury Gems (Indian m&ms) coming in.I love makeover shows and there was always something to learn as well.

2 | Tidying Up With Marie Kondo |Organizing a messy area makes me feel better. It also motivates and relaxes me. Clutter can affect our life in a way we never knew and Marie kondo teaches us how by clearing out your environment, all the clutter and negative energies attached to that clutter clears, allowing yourself to bring things to your life that spark joy. It really is life changing. This can also help us live in small spaces with comfort and joy.

3 | Little Things | A much more realistic relationship with fights and make it up to partners, some more adult stuff.. Maybe it’s not so little yet Little Things in terms of the two involved in the relationship. Loved it. Find out how Dhruv and Kavya navigate through their relationship when familiarity creeps in.

4 | Comicstaan | It is a competition to find next big name in Stand up comedy with best comedians in India. I laughed my heart out and feels so connected with our daily lives. Watch it on Amazon Prime.


5 |The Rook | Filled with suspense and felt more similar to Stranger Things. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

6 | Sacred Games | An Indian show never felt this good to watch. I was on the edge of my seat.Though late to watch first season…I caught up on it before they could release second season 2. And now waiting for another season. Watch it even if you are not from India. You’ll love it.

7 | Stranger things | Saved the best for last. I am not a person to watch horror or creepy things.But this show I just couldn’t pass it. More than anything, I’m amazed by the kids starring in this show and their talent.A++!

Other Netflix specials I really loved were  Orange Is The New Black (started watching after knowing how much Sherry loves it), Christmas themed movies.

I’m considering watching You, Narcos or13 Reasons Why.  I’d love to hear your favorite shows to binge on Netflix!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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