September Favourites!

September Favourites!

Hello Guys, we are half way through october. Sometimes it feels way too long to go through a week and other times, the week passes in the blink of an eye. Am late for my monthly favourites…nonetheless here are my favourites for September. Will share my favourite products, movies, shows, songs, and more.

Favourite Product:

Bubblefarm Aloe moisturizer: I have been loving this moisturizer so much. This is my second bottle already. Love the way it feels on my skin. Soft and cool, best part is it just sinks right into your skin. Skin absorbs it completely and there is no greasiness left behind. I like to apply after my facial oils to lock them right in and leave the skin clean. So this had to be in my September favourites list.

Bubblefarm - September Favourites

Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack : Looking for products that can shrink your acne overnight? or may be over two nights?Then this is the one you should go for.My holy grail product for ance. I had a acne growing right near my lip. And one night of applying the mask, it shrunk the acne to a little extent. I could see the difference. You can see the difference in the pictures.

Favourite Song:

Favourite song in the month of September I have two nominees. But I would say, one is my favourite and the other I like so much that I start to move as I hear it. Favourite song is a tamil song from movie Sanga TamizhanSandakari Neethan. Love love love this song that I almost memorised the whole lyrics. The other song is Ghungroo from War. This one is filled with so much energy that I can’t stop myself from grooving on it. This is the IT song for the weddings this winter.

Favourite Food:

Pizza are becoming my food to go and that I am comfortable eating as well. What to make for dinner is a question asked in every household. Though there are 1000s of recipes in the internet world, we are always hunting for answer. One day found the answer for the question and I love it. And so happens that roti dough is always in abundance. So to satisfy my cravings and use the spare dough made these yummy pizza roti and I have fallen in love with them. Easy to make, takes less time and no extra work.

Favourite Movie:

Love, love, loved The Race on Netflix. This movie is a story of Jesse Owens, who is an Olympian runner. And it’s crazy because, if you watch it, you’ll realize the difference between athletes and sports people life from now and years ago. So if you are into sports or love running, you’ll really enjoy it. So check this out. I have also shared my other favouites shows from Netflix here.

September Favourites

Tall girl is a movie about Jodi, tallest girl in her high school. Feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, she finally decides to find the confidence to stand tall. This may inspire many others who feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This is also on Netflix.

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